Kicking AIDS Out!

Kicking AIDS Out! (KAO)  is an innovative, inclusive, high energy approach that links sports, physical activity and traditional movement games with HIV and AIDS prevention and education. 
Kicking AIDS Out! began as an African initiative directed towards children and young adults, and has quickly developed into an ever-growing international network. CSDA currently houses the Kicking Aids Out Caribbean office. Youth leadership training is essential to the success of the program. Following their training, youth leaders engage their peers in sports activities, provide accurate health-related information and skillfully create safe spaces for discussion on the many sensitive issues that surround HIV and AIDS.
The main purpose of this program is:
Target Audience
The Kicking AIDS Out! Program focuses on 4 main target populations to address the social issue of HIV/AIDS, prevention and education. These are:
  1. Schools
  2. Communities
  3. Non-government Organizations
  4. Community Based Organizations
Kicking AIDS Out Network 
Kicking AIDS Out! is an international network of sport for development NGO’s, organizations and national sport structures working as a world wide collective. This collective seeks to raise awareness of how sport and physical activity programs can be adapted to facilitate dialogue around HIV/ AIDS and disseminate life skills training. A major focus of the network is to support locally run initiatives in capacity building of youth leaders as Kicking AIDS Out! facilitators. Through this process the Kicking AIDS Out! concept is woven into the fabric of community programs and sport initiatives.
The Kicking AIDS Out! network is represented, managed and coordinated by a secretariat. The Norwegian Olympic, Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) in Cape Town, South Africa host this secretariat. The Kicking Aids Out Caribbean office works closely with the Secretariat office in Cape Town, South Africa. 
KAO Membership 
Members of the Kicking AIDS Out! network are sport for development organizations striving to compliment existing development programs of national sport structures in their country rather than creating parallel programs and structures. Organizations seeking Kicking AIDS Out! membership are asked to demonstrate how they are working together with national sport structures.